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🌠 ☾✰ ✬ ♥✧♡LOVE! LET IT BURN!♡✧♥ ✬ ✰☽ 🌠

⁂☪ ✌ ✿ ★☮ LET IT BURN THE WAY THE STARS DO ☮★ ✿ ✌ ☪⁂

ॐ Everyone who visits my page automatically receives a beat of my heart. ॐ

Within this beat there is a vibration of intent that sends you love, light, prosperity and hope!

💮 •♥•♥•♥• Hiiiiii, my name is Doozy •♥•♥•♥• 💮

☆☆ WARNING: This is a personal blog that includes posts about empathy, spirituality, the occult, opinions and recovery. ☆☆

•☆●☆●☆● I identify only as an Empath and a Light Worker at this time. ●☆●☆●☆•

☉ ♏ asc ♋ ☽ ♎ rp ♇


💮 See About Me for more. 💮

🐾 But mostly I pass along the colorful, the beautiful, the electronic and the wise. 🐾

My inbox is always open if anyone has any spiritual questions or needs consolation of spirit, reassurance of existence or just an ear to listen.

All images assumed to be public domain, if I am mistaken, please inform me.

💗 My theme and all this text is best viewed on Firefox. Thank you. 💗

Please remember to always remain skeptical! Question everything you see on here!

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